Stephanie specializes in Soul to Soul Communication with people and animals all over the globe.  She works as a liaison providing clear direct perspective from the spiritual realm to our physical world with the purpose of benefiting and lovingly touching every soul she has the honor of working with.  Stephanie holds a doctorate of Metaphysics, is a Master Zenith Energy Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified in Shamanic Journey work, Registered Veterinary Technician since 1983, Certified Animal Nutritionist, International Metaphysical Ministry Practitioner, Author, and Speaker.




stephanielbrown | specializes in Soul to Soul Communication

I just have too many great things to say 🙂 We feel so blessed to have you in our lives connecting us to our girl Lily! We first met Stephanie to speak with our beloved rat terrier, Lily, just as a general session in October 2019. It was amazing to hear all of the accuracies that Stephaine told us about our life with our Lily, we knew she was the real deal. Little did we know Lily would be diagnosed with bladder cancer the following April. We were all shattered and heart broken. We reached out to Stephanie for her help to ask Lily herself if she was up for the fight of radiation and chemo. Lily had to think about it for a few days but was up for it and told Stephanie for us. Stephanie checked in on Lily through the following months of her fight. When we got a text from Stephanie, it really felt like we were getting a text directly from Lily. We knew the days she felt good and what days were tough and we felt so connected to Lily through the hardest of times. Having Stephanie there to speak with Lily made us confident in our decisions because we knew Lily herself was helping us make them. Lily passed over in July but we knew when she was ready because Lily let Stephanie know that she was. We know that even if Lily isn’t here in her body, she is still here with us in spirit and spends her days with us “feeling great” again! We are forever grateful to Stephanie for helping us through such an unexpected and hard transition. We feel blessed to know that our Lily is still with us because she tells Stephanie herself that she is running and playing again and that lights up our hearts. (I think Lily and Stephaine became good friends through this J) Thank you Stephanie. We don’t know how we would have gone through this without your help. You have been like a great, magical friend through all of this and we are forever grateful. Knowing that we still can connect with our baby girl Lily through you fills our hearts.
Mia, Angel and Lily
If you have pets, she is worth every penny. Meet the real Dr. Dolitle.
Gina Silva UPN News Los Angeles
. . . .you are incredible. You were able to tell me so much about my life over the telephone. I have watched situations unfold just like you said they would. Thanks for the forewarning.
AG, Honolulu, HI
From horses to dogs, ferrets to monkeys, Brown can talk with just about any creature out there.
Pasadena Star News
Your gift has allowed me to have a much more enlightened relationship with my dogs.
K.A. Hermosa Beach, CA

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