Office Policies

1. Stephanie’s purpose is to communicate what your animal wants and needs to say to you. Sometimes you may not agree or like what your animal has to say. Understand, this is just like when two people have a discussion around a topic that is uncomfortable. But she will represent your pet first and foremost and serve as their voice so that you can hear the truth. This provides a heath check emotionally, physically, and spiritually to let you know if your pet is happy, not feeling well, or why they keep stealing your favorite shoe just as an example of many types of benefits her animal communication has to offer.

2. When you work with Stephanie you are in the best of hands. She has over 30 years of experience working with clients from all around the world and their pets. Not only does she hold a Ph.D., she was a licensed veterinary technician for over 25 years. You receive the advantage of the coupling of her extensive educational background and experience in order to provide you with the opportunity to raise your relationship with your pet to a new level that will continue to grow throughout out this lifetime. She encourages questions and welcomes you to come listen with an open mind and heart.

3. Stephanie understands and supports your perspectives. It is OKAY to be skeptical. Skepticism is healthy! Please allow the information provided to be considered as a new perspective to help you and your pet on your journey of Soul to Soul communication.

4. Your time with Stephanie is precious. In order to provide you with every opportunity to get the most out of your valued time spent with Stephanie; a digital recording of your session is available upon request for additional $15.00 dollars. Stephanie will provide you with a link to your personal session via email or text within 24 hours of your completed session. This service allows you to download and save it as your personal recording. Once downloaded your session is your to keep and listen to forever!

5. Unless noted otherwise, all sessions are divided into half hour increments.

6. Payment is due in full upon booking, no exceptions.

7. Whether your session is scheduled on the phone or in person in Stephanie’s office, the session will start on time. If you are not present, you are still responsible for payment of the allotted time and your session will not be extended. By being late you will have lost that valuable time with Stephanie and are still responsible for payment for her time.

8. Stephanie is happy to come to you. Travel appointments offer an up close and hands on personal touch that only a face to face can provide. For this service, travel appointments require booking of a minimum of one hour plus travel time. Travel time starts from Stephanie’s office in Redondo Beach to the location agreed upon and the return trip back to Redondo Beach will be prorated and billed at $100.00/hour to and from the scheduled destination with a minimum charge of 30 minutes each way.

9. Need more time? If your scheduled session requires additional time, it will be charged in 15 minute increments when time is available. Stephanie’s calendar is booked weeks in advance. She knows firsthand that once in session some clients may wish to extend past their reserved time slot. If you need more time and her current schedule allows for it, she will do her best to accommodate you and then simply bill you for the difference.

10. Cancellations and Rescheduling: If you need to cancel or reschedule, please notify Stephanie at least 48 hours prior to scheduled appointment time via phone 310-318-7387 or email: [email protected] If adequate notice is given, Stephanie is always happy to help you reschedule at another time which is more convenient for you and her schedule allowance. If inadequate notice is given, no refunds will be provided.

11. If your session is booked and subsequently rescheduled twice in a row, then you forfeit your payment and session.

Consulting Guarantee
When you work with Stephanie, you’ll get:

• Greater understanding and perspective of your pet. How do you really know what your pet’s
perspective is until you ask? Stephanie will be able to provide you their emotions, thoughts, desires and concerns. With that information in hand you the pet parent you can make decisions coming from knowledge instead of guessing about your pet.
• Customized plan of action moving forward for both you and your pet. Stephanie will provide you
with actionable options and recommendations designed to help you and your pet resolve the issues or come to an agreement of future action.
• Greater peace in your heart: Stephanie will ease the anxiety you have in communicating with your
• A deeper level of connectedness so a healthy, working relationship can be established between you
and your pet.
• Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical balancing.

Bonus: Stephanie will provide you with tips to better help you and your pet communicate. When you use the simple steps your relationship can grow and become more fulfilling. As an additional bonus, you will be able to use these techniques with your other animals and improve the communication in the whole household!

Would you like to contact Stephanie?

310-318-PETS (7387)

P. O. Box 2081 Redondo Beach CA 90278