About Soul to Soul Communication with Animals

You did not stumble onto this website out of curiosity.  You are here because you have a deep connection with your pet or animals in general.  Because of that deep connection; you do not question whether or not animals have a soul, it is an absolute, they have a soul.  And you are not here because you question their ability to communicate.  You already know those answers.  But, you do find yourself looking into your pet’s eyes and asking: What are you thinking? And then feeling like you should understand.  So, you walk away with the question lingering in the air and then out of nowhere the answer pops in your head.  At that point, you turn back to them and say: I’m sorry, I forgot to put your food on the floor.  This is just one scenario.  You might have shared these conversations for years and you just think your pet is so persistent talking to you with their own voice chatter, their body language or maybe even telepathically that you get it eventually.  Be honest . . . . .  .  how many times have you already done this, 5, 10, hundreds or countless?  And still you look into their eyes and wonder what is going on in their brain.

Should you continue on year after year asking the question: What are you thinking?  And just accept you don’t understand. Or worse, accept you will never know.  Then the day comes that you really wish you could have a conversation with your pet because:

  1. You are moving and want them to be home on moving day and stay in the new house.
  2. Your pet has a sudden change in behavior and you don’t think anything has changed at home.
  3. Maybe they are not feeling well and their veterinarian could not find anything wrong.  But they still feel off to you.  
  4. You are going on vacation and cannot take them with you.
  5. You want to know how well they like their groomer or pet sitter.
  6. Maybe you have a new boyfriend or girlfriend and you don’t understand why they are so protective.
  7. You have decided you want another kitten or puppy in the house to keep them company but you wonder how they will get along with the new little one.  You may have even asked if they want a brother or sister and are still waiting for the answer.
  8. Your pet is in their senior years and you worry about how much pain they are feeling.
  9. Or, your beloved pet is at the end of their life cycle and you really don’t know what to do?  What do they want?  How much treatment are they willing to have?

What if you had another option?  What if you were not limited to the bad choice of accepting you will never understand or worse; you accept you will never know?  What if there is an alternative option?  What opportunity does that open for you?  How would it feel to know you can make a phone call and speak with someone who can ask your pet those questions and then interpret the information for you?  Have you ever wondered about that possibility?  How much comfort would that information give you?  What is that worth?  Think about it.  You would be able to ask all the hard life questions and just as easily ask the questions you may judge as silly. Well, have you thought about the:  what ifs?  

What would it feel like to go speak with someone whom has practiced Animal Communication for years?   Then, what would it feel like to talk with that Animal Communicator whose background includes 25+ years practicing as a Registered Veterinary Technician, whose life has been dedicated to speaking with animals?  How many possibilities open up for you and your pet?  How much value would that be to you?

If you believe you are ready for some answers then scroll down past what people have to say about Stephanie and you can schedule a session right now.  But if you still have some questions about whether or not Stephanie is the right Animal Communicator for you; read what people have to say about her.  It may help you make your decision.

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What others say about me?

Your gift has allowed me to have a much more enlightened relationship with my dogs.
K.A. Hermosa Beach, CA
. . . the ditbits you passed on to me about my puppies' traumatic past floored me. When you told me how happy they are now that they know true love and how much they adove each other, well, that not only sold me on Dr. Brown's talent; but it mad me feel incredibly good.
Kyra, Fullerton, CA
I have worked with animal communicators for over 30 years! Stephanie is the best! She helped us in so many ways with our Gracie. Thank you Stephanie!
Sandy and Jerry R. Huntington Beach, CA
There are no words to really capture the gratitude I feel for the help Stephanie has given us. Our lives are happier and calmer today because of her. It is amazing to witness. Layla (chi x) is a changed girl! Everyone notices! They tell me how much calmer and well behaved she is. For that, I can't thank Stephanie enough.
Amber R. San Diego, CA



Discover the 14 worrisome and costly behaviours that may indicate separation anxiety between you and your dog.

We abide by ALL spam laws and will NEVER sell, trade or give away your information to anyone. PERIOD. Your information is always secure.

stephanie’s process

The sessions are for you or you and your animals whether they are living or deceased.

The communication takes place via telepathy; a non-physical form of communication. That means your animal will work like a radio broadcast station and I will work as the receiver. Therefore, if your animal shows pictures I will receive the pictures and be able to describe them to you. If your animal speaks in feelings or sensations I can interpret that as well for you. I am able to reverse the process and speak the same language to your pets; therefore, I can convey messages from you to them. This means if they speak in pictures, I receive the pictures but will speak back in pictures to them.

What others say about me?

We used Stephanie for the first time 15 years ago, maybe longer. One of our cats was urinating on our couch, we had 3 so figuring out who was guilty and why was hard. Stephanie came over and blew us away. First, only one of our cats came out yet she was able to describe and speak to the other 2, eventually they came out too. Stephanie told us Bahb was the one that peed, because she didn't like the cat litter, it felt different and smelled different. Beni also did it because Bahb did. I protested to Stephanie that I always bought the same cat litter and during my protest I remembered that I forgot to buy some at Costco so I ran to Target and accidentally bought clay litter not clumping litter. Stephanie was right!! Over the years she has helped with sick animals, staying in communication with our healthy animals, to know when to say good bye to our babies, to communicate with our babies after the have passed on, pick new babies, and even help with an ornery puppy (don't know if her hand will ever be the same). We try to see Stephanie every year or so, that reminds me I think we are due to see her again. We trust Stephanie and what she says our babies have to say.
Wendy and Brad G, Manhattan Beach, CA
My husband and I started seeing Stephanie for the first time with our late dog, Morgan. Besides health concerns we wanted to know how he felt about certain people in his life (including a new dog sitter). The saddest session was the one where you (Stephanie) told us that he was in pain and that he would not last too much longer, but we needed to know and were grateful when she called to tell us he was ready to go. Stephanie then encouraged us to contact her after his passing to talk to Morgan, which we did. He was very eager to come back to us (as a puppy, because he did not want to wait for us to find him later) and he made it very clear to Stephanie that he missed the house, swimming, the happiness and his road trips. It happened to be that there was a litter available through a friend of ours, and with some patience we finally found out that the breeder was ready to place the male with us. We now have Tucker (another beautiful Belgian Terv) who is the center of our life and who (confirmed by another session with Stephanie) is the happiest dog on earth being back with us!
Martina & Troy S. Long Beach, CA
It works! Recently in May of 2016 one of my dogs Bella passed away suddenly I was devastated, I felt guilty, sad heart broken and I didn't know what to do. I turned to Stephanie knowing she could also communicate with animals. I have known her for many years and knowing she doesn't know my animals whatsoever, she put my mind my heart and soul at ease and gave me comfort knowing my little Bella is with me and she will and I will be together again. My other dogs came through and she was point on. She has never met them. All she had was a picture from my cell phone. Thank you Stephanie for such a gift that has brought so much peace to my heart.
Vikki M. Torrance
Traveling?....I travel frequently for work and expecially during the holiday season. When I can’t take my beloved pets with me I contact Dr. Stephanie Brown and keep her services on retainer during the times that I travel. This alleviates so much stress and worry by knowing that she is communicating with my pets. She helped me before I started traveling by assisting in selecting the pet sitter that my pets liked the best, and after I return from traveling to ensure a smooth transition so that no post separation anxiety occurs or hurt feelings of abandonment. I highly recommend Stephanie’s services fi you are planning on traveling or travel at all. Ust her for pre, during and post travel – It’s the greatest gift you can give to yourself and your pets! She’s a life saver!
Kathryn A.

work with me

Animal Assistance and Communication Services

Bare Bones Half Hour Phone Session:

Stephanie will call you on the number you provide. The amount of time is usually sufficient to speak on a couple of subjects or one subject in-depth or with a couple of animals or quick check in with the household. The investment for this insight full session is $150.00 and you decide if you would like to add the recording.Click Here To Book a Session

Bare Bones Half Hour Office Session:

The time is sufficient to speak on a couple of subjects or one subject in-depth or with a couple of animals or a quick check in with the household. The investment for this insight full session is $150.00 and you decide if you would like to add the recording.Click Here To Book a Session

Heart of the Matter One Hour Phone Session:

Stephanie will call you at the number you provide. It is sufficient time to speak in-depth on more than one subject or with more than one animal. As a bonus the each Heart of the Matter session comes with the recording price included. Investment: $300.00Click Here To Book a Session

Heart of the Matter One Hour Office Session:

This is sufficient time to speak in-depth with more than one animal or more than one subject. As a bonus the each Heart of the Matter session comes with the recording price included. Investment: $300.00Click Here To Book a Session

Separation Anxiety Relief Program:

This Program is designed to help dogs and their owners reverse the pain of Separation Anxiety. It is an intensive Program for individuals committed to changing worrisome behavior so they can enjoy a happy, healthy and more confident dog.Click Here To Book a Session

Tasty Tid Bit

This session is designed for already established clients looking for a quick answer to a question for their pet. It may also be used as an introductory call with Stephanie only if you have a coupon.Click Here To Book a Session

I Wanna Come Home

Specifically for the pet parent looking to work with that special animal soul whom wants to return home to you in a new body. Whether you and the animal soul have decided rescue or pure bred, in this program you work with Stephanie to find out when, where and how that special soul will return home to you. Then Stephanie will work with you after the new little one comes home to help ease the transition for both of you.Click Here To Purchase This Package

Quality of Life Consultation

Is your pet in their golden years? Are you and your pet facing a diagnosis that is scary or confusing? The questions you as a pet owner are facing can be overwhelming. In addition, would it make your choices easier if you knew what your pet’s preference is. Meaning, does your pet want to receive chemo or other treatment? How much treatment? Does your pet want to transition? Alone or with assistance? Stephanie can assist you in navigating through this very difficult time.Click Here To Purchase This Package

I know you have a busy schedule.  I offer several options for you to consider to best accommodate you:

Phone consultations consist of a half hour prescheduled at an agreed upon time. I call you at the number you provide at time of booking your session. I accept Master Card, VISA, Discover Card or PayPal as payment for any session. The investment is $150.00. Digital recordings are available for an additional $15.
If you are in the South Bay area of Southern California you are welcome to schedule a half hour or hour session in my office, located in Redondo Beach. The investment is $150.00 for a half hour or $300.00 for a full hour. Digital recordings are available for an additional $15.
Some clients prefer to have me come to their home. If this is your preference the investment is a minimum of one hour ($300.00) plus travel time and expense. Onsite service is preferred by individuals that cannot travel to me for one reason or another, or who simply prefer for me to go to them. Please contact me for a consultation and travel quote and scheduling options.

Consulting Guarantee

When you work with Stephanie, you’ll receive her 5 points of satisfaction:

  1. Greater understanding and perspective of your pet. How do you really know what your pet’s perspective is until you ask? Stephanie will be able to provide you their emotions, thoughts, desires and concerns. With that information in hand you the pet parent you can make decisions coming from knowledge instead of guessing about your pet.
  2. Customized plan of action moving forward for both you and your pet. Stephanie will provide you with actionable options and recommendations designed to help you and your pet resolve the issues or come to an agreement of future action.
  3. Greater peace in your heart: Stephanie will ease the anxiety you have in communicating with your pet.
  4. A deeper level of connectedness so a healthy, working relationship can be established between you and your pet.
  5. Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical balancing.


Bonus: Stephanie will provide you with easy to use techniques to better help you and your pet communicate. When you use the simple steps your relationship can grow and become more ful-filling. As an additional bonus, you will be able to use these techniques with your other animals and improve the communication in the whole house.

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